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Hens with Heart is the first and only source for alternative hen party ideas that give back to the world and is Favoured London's new partner!

Founded in 2019, Hens with Heart is a website and community dedicated to helping people discover volunteering and sustainable activities for hen parties. Our mission is to encourage hen parties to make changes or choices that reduce waste, help the environment, or help others during.

Thoughtful suggestions that can be found via the Hens with Heart website range from spending the day volunteering at a local community farm, holding a beach clean up, hosting a clothes swap in aid of Oxfam, to giving advice about what to do with leftover food from your hen weekend.

Their mission is to help hen parties change at least 1 thing in their plans to create a more sustainable event and put some of the time and money spent towards helping others as well.

They are here to support you in making more socially-conscious choices while you celebrate, and give you the resources to turn that into a reality. Hens with Heart believe activities that give back - however big or small - can still feel fun, glamorous or special. And at the same time you can feel virtuous, fulfilled, connected, and even educated.



  • There are an average of 106,000 hen parties and 1.2 million hen party attendees per year in the UK.
  • If each hen party did just 1 hour of volunteering, this would equate to 150,000 days of time given by hen parties in 1 year. That’s the same as doing the annual work of 575 people for charity.
  • In 2018, the average hen party in the UK cost £464, or £998 to go abroad - found in a survey of 2,000 people by
  • If each hen party donated 1% of their budget to charity, they would generate £5.5 million in fundraising for charities in 1 year.
  • In a poll of 2,002 people Hubbub found 3 out 5 think hen and stag dos are too expensive and involve too much travel.
  • The hen and stag night industry is worth £300m according to Teletext Holidays

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